Feng Shui and Mona Museum of Old & New Art

Mona-outlookTasmania was the only state I haven’t been in Australia. During this holidays, we finally made a family trip to Tasmania to see this part of Aussie land which I had been longing for.

Tasmania is a beautiful place. It has many national parks. It has the one of the world’s great natural ecologies.

We hired a car and stayed at a water front motel. Our room opened to a green lawn, the green lawn joined to a river, on the other side of the river is the famous MONA – Museum of Old & New Art.

Visiting the Mona Museum is an extraordinary experience. The museum is nothing like any other museums we have ever seen.

The museum is located at 655 Main Rd, Berriedale Hobart. It is sitting on the top of Berriedale peninsula. We walked into the museum gate, walked pass the big winery grape yard. Before the museum, there is a tennis court, and beautiful gardens. The leisure setting is not what most people expect for a museum. The relaxed environment is offsets the seriousness of the Old & New Arts. The feng shui of the location is very good. People can come by ferry from the water or by cars or walk on the road.

mona-2The museum is not a traditional building. It is an unusal piece of art. The main wall of the site is made of rusted red iron. The long red iron wall stands out in the blue water and the green garden landscape. From feng shui perspective, the five elements:metal, wood, water, fire and earth are in good balance. The iron wall harmonises with the soft trees; the land harmonises with the water.

The Mona Museum has three levels. The building does not go up, instead is goes down. From the lobby, we took the lift down to basement 3, and then moving up to B2, B1 and ground floor. In feng shui  “a deep hole” has positive and negative aspects. It collects Qi, but the outlet is not very good. It needs lot of effort to balance the energy.

I was not only impressed by the museum, and the art collections but also the founder of the museum. The museum was privately funded by David Walsh, who was a professional gambler and a genius card player. He turned the gambling profit into the museum to benefit the local community and general public. I think what he does is great.

My holiday in Adelaide this year

adelaide-iIt is always a pleasure to visit Adelaide. Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. It is different to Sydney or Melbourne. The city is more peaceful. When you drive out of the town, the green and gold hills rise and fall all the way towards the south end of Australia. It was beautiful.

Me and my family have been visiting Adelaide once a year for 12 years since I met my husband. He was brought up in Adelaide.

adelaide-iiAdelaide was very hot (about 37 degrees) during this visit, but we made a great time out of it. We met family, friends, visited farms and drank more than I should of SA wine. It was good to switch off from work and relax a bit.

During the visit, there were highlights everyday. We went to the Nth Adelaide Aquatic Centre. My son is 10, he is a good swimmer. We enjoyed swimming and water slides. We went to the Adelaide Oval in one evening to watch the ‘Big Bash League’ cricket game. Adelaide Strikers Vs Perth Scorchers. We supported the Strikers. There were 42,650 in the audience, it was a good game. The night was hot, the box of chocolates we brought to the game melted. We visited a friend at Aldgate, a colourful village on the mountain side of the Adelaide hills, with nice houses, winding roads, colourful flowers, trees everywhere, good energy flow and good feng shui.

adelaide-iiiThere were also some clients waiting to see me in Adelaide. One of them is new. My new client is a very hard worker who brought up 4 kids on her own. One thing that struck me was that she worried about her adult kids, waiting for them to settle down happily so that she could be happy. I admired her strength. But we should not wait for happiness, we should look into the bright side of life and be happy everyday.

The Colours of Christmas

bella-xmasAs the Christmas draws closer, some of my clients have asked me what are the good colours for the Christmas this year.

In Chinese belief, everything in the universe is made from five basic elements. These elements are: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The interactions of the five elements create the natural forces and changes in the universe and human destiny.

Red relates to fire; orange relates to earth; yellow, gold, silver relates to metal; blue relates to water element. 2014 is a horse year, the leading energy is fire, the balancing elements are metal and water. The lucky colours are gold, silver and blue. Adding these colours on your Christmas tree are good.

The true colours of Christmas are love, peace, family, friends and inspiration. If we decorate our life with these colours, we are having Christmas everyday.

Merry Christmas to you all!

What is Qi Men Dun Jia?

QMDJQi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)literally translates to : Wondrous Door  hides Jia. It refers to Mysterious Gates Escaping Technique.

It is an ancient Chinese art, and is one of the war crafts. It was devised in the Warring States period (战国时期), and was originally used to help military strategy and tactics. Over the centuries, Qi Men Dun Jia grew in popularity and was widely used by Chinese Metaphysic Masters for prediction or selecting good directions according to specific times to conduct important events. Qi Men Dun Qi war crafts can be used for business, trade and other important matters.

Qi Men Dun Jia is not Feng Shui. Qi Men Dun Jia is more about the time and space. Time is the key element for the prediction. Feng shui is more about the Earth Energy, the physical environment and the Qi which created by the environment.

There are Eight Doors in Qi Men. Each door has different meanings and use.

1) The Rest Door 休门: this is one of the lucky doors. It favourable for seeking wealth, wedding, engagement, travel, starting a new position.

2) The Life Door 生门:this is one of the lucky doors. It favourable for wealth, looking jobs, business, travel, wedding, engagement ect.

3) The Hurting Door 伤门:favourable for hunting, chasing debts, catching thieves,  lawsuits. It is not good for other things.

4) The Delusion Door 杜门:this door is suitable for hiding things or for refuge. Not good for other things.

5) Scenery Door 景门:  this is one of the lucky doors. It is favourable for exams, advertising, display, travel, weddings, engagements etc.

6) The Death Door 死门: this is an inauspicious door. It is good for funerals, hunting but not anything eles.

7) The Fear Door 惊门: if you go this door, you may experience panic, fear or chaos. This door is good for civil actions, law suits.

8) The Open Door 开门:this is one of the lucky doors. It is favorable for travel, starting a new job, promotion, seeking wealth, weddings, engagements, meeting friends, meet nobleman. This door is not good for secret acting, people can see it.



2015 Chinese Horoscope Video by Mina

sheepHi everyone, I have made a new video for 2015,  the sheep year.

My hair dresser made a big hair style for me.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Click here to see it

Mina’s 2015 Feng Shui Almanac

2015-almanacHi there,

It has been a while since my last post. I have been busy writing a piece for Chinese media and  preparing the Feng Shui Almanac for 2015, the Wood Sheep year.

2015 looks bright and stable for most people.  To be lucky we need to be at the right place and at the right time. This almanac outlines the lucky days for you to conduct major events in 2015, to enhance the chances for smooth operation and success.

My 2015 Feng Shui Almanac also includes the 2015 astrology forecast and 2015 Flying Stars and remedies.

The Almanac is available as an eBook. Please find it at http://www.fengshuiaustralia.com/chinese-horoscope-2015

It is the time to plan ahead. It is not about what the year ahead holds for you. It is about how to  make the Sheep Year a great year for you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mina R Zheng

Which Door to Use?

DoorIn Australia, I have done many consultations for clients with free standing houses. Often the houses have a few doors, the main entry, back entry, side entry and garage entry.

Many people drive their cars into the garage and then enter their house through an internal door. The main door is used for visitors only. From my consultations, some of my clients have never used their main entry, the garage entry or back entry has been used all the time.

From a feng shui aspect, the main entry of the house is one of the major concerns. The main entry is called the ‘mysterious gate’. The Qi flow in front of the gate and how the door collects the energy is important. It affects the career path and well being for the residents.

Recently, I visited a client in Victoria. I was asked to check the feng shui and to improve their financial situation. My clients and their family had been in this property for five years. The house is located at a corner block, facing west.  The main door is facing a spacious green garden, the Qi flow from the streets and the garden is in a positive and meandering manner.  The west direction is one of the auspicious directions for each member of the family according to their birthdays. However, I discovered that the main door has never been used as long as my client resided here.  They used the back door all the time, because it was easier to park their cars. Behind the main door, they had turned it to a storage area, with many junk items. The back door is in the Six Killing and Five Ghosts directions for the owners.

I had advised my clients to remove the storage, and use the front door along with many other recommendations to help them improve the energy flow for the house, to improve their opportunities and wealth.

The front door should never be blocked.  You don’t know how many opportunities  you may  miss out on. If the front door has very bad feng shui, for example, if the door has poison arrow in front, or is affected by negative and unremovable object/structure, then you need to seek feng shui remedies. Blocking the main entry is not a good idea.


Super Moon Sep 9, 2014

August'sFull-MoonThis is a post from Grand Master Lillian Too.

The super moon falls on Sep 9, 2014.

The supermoon is an astronomical phenomenon, an optical illusion that makes the moon appear brighter and larger than normal. In astronomy, this kind of moon is referred to as Perigree – a term that describes the moon at its closest point to Earth. It is extremely auspicious to view the supermoon while making silent supplications to the Moon Goddess who grants wishes related to your love life!

The Moon Goddess brings love and romance into the lives of young men and women; it also brings beautiful offspring and marital bliss to those already married and happiness in old age to those past once cycle of the calendar (60 years).

This is also a good time to charge your sacred mirrors. When you look up at the moon, hold your mirror high up to reflect the light of the moon and then recite the wish fulfilling mantra at least three times, thinking of what you wish to accomplish. This is a powerful practice, especially potent for the fulfillment of romantic wishes. If you are looking for love or wanting to connect with someone special, then you can use this opportunity to supplicate the Moon Goddess and feel her radiant light blessings.

Note: It is important not to confuse the supermoon with an eclipse. One brings extreme good fortune, while an eclipse blocks the light of the moon and brings misfortune.

Connect with the powerful Moon Goddess on Sept 9, 2014 and don’t forget to use your brass mirrors to reflect the moonlight!


A Story Relating to Feng Shui

demolished-buildingI read the Chinese news online today. Here is a story may be interesting to you.

The Governor who blew up a Five Star Hotel has been removed from his position.

The mayer of Huai Hai (淮海)City, An Hei (安徽)Province has lost his job recently. The reason related to the demolishment of a five star hotel.

In March this year, there was a new construction building along the lake on the south side of the government building in Huai Hai.  The building was built about ten levels high, it meant to be a five star hotel, called Lake Side International Hotel. The building crashed down in a huge explosion.

The construction was approved by previous government, and was listed as one of the main land mark projects of the city. To cut the long story short, the mayor Fang Xi Ping (方西屏)of the city was told that the hotel has blocked the feng shui of the government house. The mayor then used his power to order people to bring down this building. It has caused tens of millions of Yan loss for the investors.

House Feng Shui and Health

house-1No one denies that health is the most important thing in our life.

Recently, I have done a few cases where the family have health problems or child allergies. I found these houses have some common problems.

From Chinese traditional feng shui, every different direction represents the status of different family member. If the environment or interior layout has problems or disharmony, it reflects the person’s health, fortune, and luck. From a person’s Bazi (year, month, day and time of birth), we can detect a person’s health. A feng shui expert can define the problem and provide practical solutions to improve the situation.

The common issues I have found from the houses with health problems are the house often have strong Yin  (阴) energy. There are a few different causes:

1. the house is too close to other houses, no natural sun light;

2. the house is surrounded by trees; the trees block the light;

3. the owner of the house have habit of closing the blind, shutters or curtains to keep the house dark.

If the house does not get enough sunlight, the Yin (阴) energy will accumulate, it is bad for health.

To improve the situation, we should open the shutters, blind and curtains in day time to let the sun light in the house. Children should sleep in a room with ample sunlight in daytime.

If the house is surrounded by tall buildings, have very little natural light, we should create ceiling windows to let light in.

Trees should be trimed or cut back to let sunlight in. The main entrance of the house should never be blocked by trees. The main door of the house should be able to receive sunlight in day time. Morning sun or afternoon sun are both fine.

Make sure the house has enough Yang (阳) energy. This is the first step of feng shui for good health.

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