The meaning of number four is a frequently asked question in my feng shui practice.

Many people think number 4 is an unlucky number. The origin of such thinking is from China. In southern China, the pronunciation of 4 is similar to the word Death (死), therefore, people from southern China think 4 is inauspicious. The idea of number four relating to death spread to the western world. However, many Chinese also think it is superstitious.

I would like to take this chance to explain the meaning of number 4.

Four is one of the most important numbers in our life. Such as: one year has four seasons, four directions, an animal has four legs, a human has four limbs, a table has four sides, a chair has four legs. Etc. Imagine if a chair has three legs, or a cat or dog has three legs, it will be unstable and hard to ground.

From Chinese feng shui science, number four has a lot of meanings. In terms of elements, four is the wood element; in terms of direction, four is SE; in terms of flying star, four represents knowlege and academic achievment; in term of family members, four represent the first daughter of the family.

Number four has nothing to do with death, this is merely superstition. Without four, our life will miss out so much.