The Bagua Mirror is one of the common objects which are used as a protective tool in Feng Shui to deflect and diffuse negative energy (also known as Sha Qi). It consists of a mirror, surrounded by eight trigrams (see pictures).

During my feng shui practice I often find that BaGua Mirrors have been misused. The BaGua mirrors should never be inside a house or office. The mirrors should only be used to protect the house/office from negative energy. If there is no negative energy, the BaGua mirrors can send the good energy back to where it comes from, as a result of misuse, the BaGua mirrors can slow down your business.

Examples of common Sha Qi found in homes can include.
A hospital or a church near the house
A large building or corners of a building
Power lines
A T-intersection where the long road points at the home.
Ugly scenery.
Incorrectly positioned trees.
An offending pole or any sort of tower.
A roof line edge or any other kind of building or structure facing your front door.
An escalator pointing towards your business.
An electrical transformer opposite your home.
A cemetery, mortuary or undertakers opposite your home.

Correct placement of the Ba Gua mirror can diffuse this negative energy.