My days in China were passing quickly, soon it was the day to leave. I farewelled the feng shui masters in JianXi and headed south to Australia. On the way back, I stopped at Macau to visit one of my dear friends who I haven’t seen for years. Our gathering was very cheerful. My friend showed me around the city. I observed the city with my feng shui eyes. Here is a feng shui story about Grand Lisboa.

Macau is next to Hong Hong with main land China in the north and south sea in the east and south. The city is famous for casinos and tourists. There are more than thirty casinos in the city now.  Casino Lisboa was one of the oldest and busiest (It was built in the 1960s by Stanley Ho). However, in the past decade, with Macau returned to China, and millions of visitors from China every year, the world considered the gambling business to be profitable in Macau. Therefore  many  new casinos have arisen in Macau like bamboos shoots after rain. Every new casino is more glamorous and grand than the older ones. Although the Casino Lisboa had used feng shui in designs and settings, it was still losing the gambling market. In order to compete with the other casinos, the owners of Lisboa built a new gambling tower called Grand Lisboa in 2008.

(The casino Bisboa has entries of tiger and bat. The picture on the left is one of the entries, it is designed as a bat mouth with two red teeth.)

Grand Lisboa is next to the old Liaboa, it is in the heart of Macau. Even the city is very tight with land, the Grand Lisboa has very big bright hall (明堂 Ming Tang) and offers 400 rooms and massive gambling areas. The entry level has displays of antiques, jade, diamonds and art collections worth billions of dollars.

The Grand Lisboa is a giant builing which sits on a big round ball. The delusions shine thoughout the building from sunset to down. The idea of the outlook of the building is from the lotus. However the petals were designed like old Chinese executioner’s knifes. All these designs are to enhance the power and to attract customers and win over them.

I was impressed by the power and luxury of Grand Lisboa. After I left the casino, I went up to the hill to visit the historic museum. On top of the hill, I saw there were a few ancient cannons from bygone wars. These canons are pointing at the back of the Grand Lisboa. I wonder if the highly feng shuied casino has ever noticed these cannons? They may need to watch their back constantly.