I was invited by one of my clients recently to check out the feng shui for a business premises. It was a bank branch in a very decent suburb in Melbourne.

We went to the branch on Sunday when the bank was closed. When I walked in, I heard the radio was on. It was on one of the FM channels with loud pop songs and advertising. After I checked the floor plan and its set ups. I found the music was on the Grand Duke area in the current year. The Grand Duke should be treated with respect and not  disturbed. Having loud music in this area is bad news. To disturb the Grand Duke seven days a week, twenty four hours a day is a disaster.

I asked my client why the radio is on even when it is Sunday? She said the manager of the bank liked to create a relaxing environment for their clients, and put the radio on. I told her the result of the radio is opposite of what she expected. There could be no new clients walking in, and old clients would want to get out. She said that is what had happened to the branch. Since the radio was put there three months ago, there were no new clients walking in, and regular clients came in and wanted to get out very quickly. The bank has had very poor performance, the manager and staff of the bank are all struggling.

When you find the reason, the solution is simple. I told my client to switch off the radio straight away. We must not disturb the Grand Duke. A bank is not a place for people to listen to pop songs and advertising. I suggested some classical background music in a different location for a couple of hours to activate positive energy.