When I was a young girl, I was studying Chairman Mao’s quotations from year one to year three. From year four, Chairman Mao passed away, the education of the whole China shifted to the way as it is now.

When I think back of the quotations I learned in my early age, some of them seem crazy, but some of them told the truth and have been testified by life practice.

Life Is Movement 生命在于运动 is one of Chairman Mao’s quotations. I often think of these words. If someone can not move, it means they are dead. If someone is not allowed to move, that means they are trapped. Nothing is worth more than life; to cherish our life we need to move, exercise and keep healthy.

The Qi of the universe is moving constantly. The Qi of our body is also moving constantly when we are alive.

Feng shui is about the Qi flow of our living and working enviornment, to tap the good positive Qi is one of the aims of feng shui practice. However each individual is the subject. I always encourage my clients to exercise, to keep thmselves physically and mentally healthy before appoaching anything else.

Hopefully you can also keep good life through movement and good Qi flow.