Although feng shui is not a religion, I believe it is important to have religious beliefs. Our life consists of mind, body and soul. Our body is the temple of our soul. It is important for us to know where the soul comes from and understand where the soul will go to. I’m a Taoist,  and study and follow Buddha’s teaching.

I was fortunate enough to receive the enlightenment from Buddha Ji Gong’s (济公老师)representative more than ten years ago. Since then I have had my spiritual guidance through study and cultivation. Through this I have a clearer vision and understanding about the purpose of life, and the true reasons behind happiness and suffering.

Last week, a group of masters came to Sydney from South East Asia to conduct dahma classes. They are great teachers who have given up the material life for cultivation and helping others. They are also Vegans. I set aside three days for these classes at a temple.

Every day the class started at 7:30am, finished at 7:30pm, we consumed only two vegetarian meals a day, and saved one meal for  the poor. The Buddha sutras and information from the classes were fascinating. They cleaned and fulfilled my soul. I was in a need for these classes, it has been two years since the previous ones.

As a feng shui and Chinese astrology consultant, I am not only delivering my skills and the results they bring to my clients. I hope that through my spiritual learning and cultivation I can provide the positive and right guidance to those who are confused or suffering in their life and who ask me for assistance.