Ba Zi Series – About Peach Blossoms

咸池(xian chi)—Salt Pool/pond is also called Peach Blossom 桃花(tao hua). It is the name of one of the deities in Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology, also called the four pillars of destiny).

This deity (or star) mainly affects people’s emotional life, sexual desire, charm and love, marriage, and hidden dark side. With the Peach Blossom star, a person may also have a clever, compassionate, romantic, responsible, talented and artistic nature.

The traditional method for checking the peach blossom is: convert the birthday to the Chinese calendar, then write down the birthday formula.

Check on the earthly branches of the year (年支 ) or the day (日支 )

Year or day branch Peach Blossom
申(shen) Monkey 子(zi) Rat 辰(chen) Dragon 酉(you) Rooster
寅(yin) Tiger午(wu) Horse 戌(xu) Dog 卯(mao) Rabbit
巳(si) Snake 酉(you) Rooster丑(chou) OX 午(wu) Horse
亥(hai) Pig 卯(mao) Rabbit未(wei) Sheep 子(zi) Rat

咸池(xian chi), salt pool is from the poetry日出扶桑入于咸池(ri chu fu sang, ru yu xian chi). It means the sunrise from hibiscus, setting into the salt pool/pond. Ancients believed that the Western Queen Mother has a lot of young and beautiful maids/fairies, and the salt pool is designed as a fairy bathing place.

In Bazi practice, the five elements bath place is called 咸池(xian chi).

Monkey, Rat and Dragon form a water formation, the growth place is申(shen), the bath place is酉(you), therefore, Rooster is the peach blossom for Monkey, Rat and Dragon.

Tiger, Horse and Dog form a fire formation, the growth place is寅(yin), the bath place is卯(mao), therefore, Rabbit is the peach blossom for Tiger, Horse and Dog.

Snake, Rooster and Ox form a metal formation, the growth place is巳(si), the bath place is午(wu), therefore, Horse is the peach blossom for Snake, Rooster and Ox.

Pig, Rabbit and Sheep form a wood formation, the growth place is 亥(hai), the bath place is子(zi), therefore, Rat is the peach blossom for Pig, Rabbit and Sheep.

If a person’s Ba Zi has a peach blossom, and the peach blossom is prosperous, then the person is good looking; For a man, he has a nature of kindness, enjoys social and beautiful things; For a woman, she is beautiful and attractive.

Peach blossom is very sensitive to water. If the peach blossom meets the water element, then as a result the person is as beautiful as a flower, but life may be full of sexual abuse or prostitution. Such as: Monkey, Rat, Dragon year born people meets water rooster or born in the pig, rat or ox month.

If the peach blossom is found on the year or month branch, it means the peach blossom is inside the wall, and it generally good for social life and marriage. If the peach blossom is found on the time branch, it means the peach blossom is outside the wall, it may cause affairs, and therefore, it is bad for marriage. If a woman has peach blossom in the hourly branch and day branch, if the heavenly stem of the hour is 伤官(hurting husband), this is an indication of many husbands and broken marriages.

If a female’s Ba Zi has peach blossom, and the peach blossom combines with other branches, it indicates the person has a respected appearance, with romantic thinking inside, and loves wine and sex. If the person’s Ba Zi is伤官(hurting husband) formation, and the Ba Zi also has a lot of unconventional money, then the person will be very passionate and emotional. If the earthly branch has 亥(hai) Pig 子(zi) Rat 丑(chou) OX or申(shen) Monkey 子(zi) Rat 辰(chen) Dragon, it will enhance the passion and emotion, the person may do something unusual to satisfy her emotion.

If the peach blossom comes with 羊刃(Yang Ren,Goat Blade), the person will be interested in learning and is skilful, the person also cannot avoid disease. For example: In a set of Ba Zi, if a person is born in a wood dog day or year, with rabbit in other earthly branch, or a person born in a metal monkey year or day, with rooster in other earthly branch. If the person’s luck era or the annual year clashes with the peach blossom, the person can get into troubles due to an affair or romance.

If a female’s Ba Zi has a peach blossom and 七杀(seven killings (It’s a name of deities in Ba Zi theory), and if the Ba Zi chart has no husband’s element, then the female is likely to be a prostitute or something similar.

Peach blossom is one of the important deities to be taken account when predicting someone’s marriage and emotional life. In ancient China, peach blossom is categorised under inauspicious deities. In the old days, people often linked peach blossom to sex maniacs or affairs. It is actually wrong to think so. When we study Ba Zi theory, we should have a correct attitude towards this deity.

Peach Blossom is a common deity in Ba Zi, most people have it in their birth days or life eras. It associates with beauty, romance, responsibility and artistic talent. However, if the peach blossom appears in one of the flowing formations, then it is inauspicious:

  • A Ba Zi has many peach blossoms, and combines with other branches
  • A Ba Zi has many peach blossoms, and lot of water and intelligent elements
  • A Ba Zi has many peach blossoms, and one of them occupies the hourly branch