Are you Destined to be a Millionaire?

Wealth Indication in your Ba Zi

Finding out if you are likely to do business successfully and become a millionaire is certainly possible. The answers are hidden in your birth day data. Chinese astrology is called The Four Pillars of Destiny, and also called Ba Zi (eight characters). It is based on a persons birth day data which includes year, month, day and hour of birth. Each pillar is recorded by two elements, which are written in Chinese characters. So there are eight characters in one persons birth day data.

A persons Ba Zi is the file of their life, containing all their information. This is a deep and complex subject. From ancient masters experiences, research with senior masters and my own long study and practice, I have found that there are twenty-six indicators relating to a persons career and wealth, the information from them is practical and accurate.

Below are some typical examples:

1. If a persons Ba Zi has strong metal and weak wood, they were born to do business. Strong metal, weak wood, refers to people born in July and August (farmers calendar). The metal element in these months is very prosperous, the wood element is restricted by metal, and is therefore weak. Such as people born in the year of metal rat (water); in the month of wood monkey (metal); on the day of wood sheep (earth) at the hour of metal snake (fire).

2. If the Ba Zi has the combination of Jia wood Bin fire Geng metal Yin wood Shen metal, then the person is also destined for business. If there is only tiger wood, missing monkey metal or the other way round, then the person must be in the year of Monkey or Tiger or be in the luck era of Monkey or Tiger to do business successfully and be prosperous.

For example: one of my clients has the Ba Zi: year (fire monkey), month (wood horse), day (metal dog), hour (metal snake) The Tiger element is missing in this chart, however 1986 was a year of Fire Tiger, this person made more than 5 million dollars in that year.

3. The travel horse (name of a star in destiny reading) can either be riding on prosperity or can hide prosperity. In either case the person is not only a successful in business, but can also be a multi millionaire.

To determine whether a person is born to be a millionaire, it is necessary to check the number of elements which symbolize prosperity in the Ba Zi, and also to check if the pillar of the travel horse is riding on prosperity or if prosperity is in the position of growth. If a persons day master is strong, and his/her lucky element is prosperity, and the prosperity era happens to be in the middle or after middle age, then the person will become a millionaire.

Ba Zi is a deep art, newcomers to it will find the terms difficult to understand. Many of them do not translate well from Chinese. However the Ba Zi techniques outlined here provide powerful insights into the likely prosperity of individuals.