Feng Shui Tips for Interior Decorations

The home is the foundation of our living. It is important to create a harmonious, comfortable and good feng shui space.

Here are some tips for interior decoration which can help you to achieve good feng shui in your home.

1. The main door should not line up with the back door, if this is the case, you can put a partition, or curtain to block the straight line.

2. The living room should be bright and spacious. If it is too dark, you can use lights to balance it. Or you can also use bright pictures, such as peonies, sun flowers. The content of a picture should have good meanings, avoid pictures with fearful, strange or lonely feelings. Chinese people like to decorate their home with Chinese bush paintings and calligraphies. Most of them symbolize good fortune, love, peace, happiness, growth, more descendents and longevity.

3. A clock a common decoration for home and office. The clock is best to face the door, balcony or window.

4. A fish tank is a good decoration for the home. Fish bring positive energy and symbolize prosperity. A fish tank can help to balance the qi of the house. The size of the tank should be appropriate to the space, avoid oversized tanks. Avoid clutter near the tank. Also avoid placing altars or Buddha statues on top of the tank.

5. A pot plant is a good decoration for a home. It can be put along the east or south east side of the house. Big leaves plants, lily, jade plant, Chinese happy plant, fortune bamboos are good feng shui plants. Look after your plants, keep them fresh and lively.

6. Bedroom feng shui is a frequently asked question during my practice. Here are some tips for the bedroom: no matter if the bedroom is a master bedroom or kids bedroom or a spare bed room, you will need to open the windows for a few hours every day to let the air circulate.

7. The bed room should not have too many windows and doors. More than three is too many, some bedrooms have six, seven qi mouths (windows, doors, including the doors of walk in wardrobe and en suite.) If a bedroom has too many qi mouths, the energy will not accumulate well, and it can affect the family’s well being.

8. The bed room should not be cluttered, keep it as light and spacious as possible. Spring clearing regularly, get rid off junk, do not bring in more junk.

9. Big mirrors reflecting the bed are bad feng shui. They unsettle the energy and create images. This is no good for sleep and for relationship commitment.

10. The colour of the room is better to be light, such as: white, light blue, light green, cream. Avoid black or grey. The ceiling colour should be white, the floor or carpet can be a darker colour. Ceiling represents heaven, floor represents earth. Heaven is light, earth is heavy, meeting the principle of yin yang balance.

11. Some people like to hang wind charms, Ba Gua mirror in the house. These objects are not necessarily good. It is best to consult a feng shui professional before using them.