Water Feng Shui for Wealth

The water dragon formula is a most powerful method, used to create wealth. It is a compass school of feng shui formula, based on the flow and placement of water around the home. Those who desire wealth should consider water formula feng shui.

This is advanced feng shui, and not many feng shui practitioners have required skills. Water formula feng shui requires a good understanding of Ba Gua Early Heaven arrangement and Late Heaven arrangement, and the relationships between these two arrangements. The Lou Pang must be read precisely, and a good knowledge about the twenty four mountains, and bags of gold is needed. The flow of chi must be defined correctly.

Water formula concerns the natural water, the road, and the existing water system, and how it influences your property and life. Remedies and enhancement may be given to take control of the water flow. The key aspect important of water formula is to design the drainage system based on the precise measurement of the compass direction of the door. This sets the water flow in and out in of your property to specific degrees on the compass reading, to transform the water dragon for your house/apartment. Since every property”s location is different, the layout of the water dragon is also different.

The water dragon formula brings you extraordinarily good fortune, manifesting mainly in prosperity and great wealth for the residents. Many far eastern homes have benefited greatly by applying this formula.

Mina Zheng has learned and gained the secrets formula from her feng shui shi fu in China. If you wish to gain the benefit from “water dragon”, please contact Mina Zheng for a consultation.