When we talk about feng shui periods, 1. 2… 8 or 9, it is all part of 三元九运(San Yun Jiu Yun. San Yun Jiu Yun is a method for dividing big time periods in ancient China.

Ancient Chinese scientists observed the movements of the planets. They found that Saturn and Jupiter meet once every twenty years and they are in a straight line. When Saturn and Jupiter meet, some major geological disasters and natural disasters will often occur on earth, and people’s behaviour will also have some abnormal reactions. Observations and studies have also found that Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury will meet in a straight line every sixty years, and every one hundred and eighty years, the nine planets in the solar system will be on the same side of the sun. The nine stars, distributed in a small fan shaped area, formed a great conjunction of nine planets , which ancient astronomers called ‘Nine Stars’. This celestial body of “a pearl link of nine stars”(九星连珠) moves in a cycle that never changes.

The ancients understood this secret and established the ‘Three Yuans and nine movements/periods’ to divide time. Each period is 20 years, first three (1, 2, 3) periods called ‘upper yuan’(上元shang yuan);period 4, 5, 6 called ‘zhong yuan’ (middle yuan 中元);period 7,8,9 called ‘lower yuan’ ( 下元), thus forming a complete system of three Yuans and nine movements. The nine lucks are divided into three groups, and they are called ‘Yuan Yun元运’.

Period 9 starts from the 立春日, which is February 4th 2024, lasts for 20 years, will end on February 3rd 2043.

The image is fire, void inside; colour is purple. Direction is South; Family member is Middle Daughter. Female energy (age between 35 to 63) will be more influential within the next 20 years.

The meaning of the trigram: sun, bright, beauty, separate, dispersed.

The shapes of fire are: triangle, pointing, diamond shapes.

The good industries in period 9 are: high technology, AI, internet, computers, computer software, culture, solar power, new energy, aviation, beauty, cosmetics, eye health, eye ware, heart health, brain training, brain health, religions, metaphysics, games, travel business, psychologist, social media, fantasy and entertainment etc. These fire element related business will flourish in period 9.

The negative aspects in the fire period: more droughts or floods, extreme weather, war, pandemics, heart and blood diseases, eye problems, depression. People can make more impulsive decisions, become upset, with more violence and higher divorce rates.

The ancient Chinese wisdom advised us to stay positive, be humble, choose good industries, work hard, have good beliefs, and enrich knowledge and life. Cultivate yourself, build good virtue, focus on family and harmony. You will have a bright future, will have a lot of success and will be able to find happiness.