Ba Zi Series – About the Travel Horse

驿马 (YiMa)is the travel horse. It is the name of one of the deities in Chinese astrology (the Four Pillars of destiny or Bazi). In ancient China, 驿 站(Yi Zhan) is the post station, it is similar to our post office. 驿马were the tools for delivering all the posts and document for the governments. Hence, the travel horse represents movement in our destiny.

The traditional method of checking the travel horse is:

First convert the birthday to Chinese calendar, then write down the birthday formula. Check on the earthly branches of the year (年支 ) or the day (日支 )


Year or day branch Horse
申(shen) Monkey 子(zi) Rat 辰(chen) Dragon 寅(yin) Tiger
寅(yin) Tiger午(wu) Horse 戌(xu) Dog 申(shen) Monkey
巳(si) Snake 酉(you) Rooster丑(chou) OX 亥(hai) Pig
亥(hai) Pig 卯(mao) Rabbit未(wei) Sheep 巳(si) Snake


For people who are born in the year or date of monkey, rat or dragon, if you see the earthly branch has the tiger, then it is the travel horse.

For people who are born in the year or the date of tiger, horse or dog, if you see the earthly branch has the monkey, then it is the travel horse.

For people who are born in the year or date of snake, rooster or ox, if you see the earthly branch has the pig, then it is the travel horse.

For people who are born in the year or date of pig, rabbit or sheep, the travel horse is the snake.

Travel horse is a symbol of travelling, changes, migration. If the travel horse is a lucky deity to the person, then the person can have lucky movements, such as a promotion at work, travel for business, making money while travelling, moving to a better house, or having a pleasant holiday. If the travel horse is the inauspicious deity, then it will bring hardship to the person. Such as: restless movement, hard work without income to match, constantly moving house, inability to ground oneself.

If someone is born on a date with a few travel horses, then the person has an unstable character, always moving, never still.

If the travel horse combines with other earthly branches, then the travel horse is useless, it cannot move. For example: 寅(yin)亥(hai) 合(he), 申(shen)巳(si)合, meaning the tiger next to the pig, or the monkey next to the snake, then the travel horse has no effect.

If the combination is crashed by the annual year sign, then the horse will move, the person in that particular year will have travel or changes.

If a womans birthday has too many horses, then the woman cannot gain peace of mind in her situation, and finds it hard to settle down. This is generally unlucky.

For people who have no travel horse in their birthday, when the travel horse appears in their luck era, it indicates for that particular era the person will have travel luck.

Some people have no travel horse in their birthday. However when the person meets the clash year 冲 年(chong nian), it means change, travel, movement in that particular year. Also, if a person has clash elements in the earthly branch, it also indicates travel, movement.

Here are the six groups of clashes:


子(zi) Rat 午(wu) Horse
丑(chou) Ox 未(wei) Sheep
寅(yin) Tiger 申(shen) Monkey
卯(mao) Rabbit 酉(you)Rooster
辰(chen) Dragon 戌(xu) Dog
巳(si) Snake 亥(hai) Pig


The results from the travel horses can be good or bad. Soldiers, businessmen, homeless people all have travel horses.

In modern society, for most people, having travel horse is good in general. It means the person can have more experiences and more opportunities in their life. If someone does not travel or change in their life, you can imagine what kind of life it would be.