How to Stop Conflicts

Zhou Yi Prediction case study

Recently, one of my clients who lives in Switzerland had engaged me to do an assessment through email, the assessment included a question: How to stop the conflicts which are arising since generations in the neighbourhood? I had three days to finish the task.

I live in Sydney, Australia. On the last day, I was staring at the question and thinking: how can I search the source of the problem in a different part of the world; How can I find out how the conflicts happened in the first place, going back to their neighbourhoods ancestors generation. In short, how to answer my client?

As a Chinese feng shui consultant, my clients often expect me to know everything. I had no ideas but to consult Zhou Yi Prediction (I Ching prediction).

Zhou Yi prediction is one of the most powerful oracles in the world, the ancient Chinese prediction system has been testified by learned masters for more than four thousand of years, and as a result, it rarely fails. I cleared up my mind, recorded the date, and began.

The prediction day was: month – metal dragon, day ¨C fire dog

I got a hexagram with thunder above, water below, it means Resolve.

Aspect of life, elements
Wife & Money, dog earth __ __
Officer & Ghosts, monkey metal __ __ object
Son & Grand Son, horse fire _____
Son & Grand Son, horse fire __ __
Wife & Money, dragon earth _____ subject
Brothers, tiger wood __ __

To interpret the hexagram requires skill and experience. The inner hexagrams has water and fire, water and fire are opposite forces, representing conflicts, the subject is money, the element is supported by the day, the object is power, the element is supported by the month. These indicated the source of the problem was two strong forces fighting for money and power.

The result of the hexagram is resolving. The thunder above the water, indicates the spring, the image is thunder breaking through the ice. It is a time to forgive yourself and others.
The difficulties faced by my client are now being resolved. My client should now focus on public interest, without persuading others to agree to terms.

Post script: the response from my client confirmed the prediction.