My Feng Shui Story – Feng Shui Rescue

Mina R Zheng

My name is Mina R Zheng, I’m a Chinese feng shui consultant. 2016 will be my 20th year of practicing feng shui. The reason I chose feng shui as my profession is a long story. However a key moment was when feng shui rescued my life.

I was born into a traditional Chinese family in Southern China. My parents practiced Chinese medicine for a living. My father is a well-known Tai Chai master in China. My grandparents and great grandparents were influential in the areas of I Ching and Chinese metaphysical arts.

We lived in a small town far away from political capitals. Even as China went through the Cultural Revolution, traditional culture in our area remained. Feng shui, prediction, and secret medical formulas were still used by people to help them out of bad situations.

My family taught me fundamental feng shui knowledge through day to day living. They gave me a few hand written books when I left China for Australia in early 1990. However I thought my parents were very superstitious at that time.

I came to Australia as a student. The country was so different to China. Streets smelt of bakeries and cheese instead of rice and stir fry. As a young adult, I was a total stranger to this new environment. I did not have much social experience. I did not speak much English. I had a little financial resource from family, and it was running out fast. I needed to work and study. Life was tough. Struggling to meet the needs of the new world, I forgot all about feng shui or any related knowledge.

During the early years in Australia, life was full of challenges. Working as a cleaner/caterer part time, studying almost full time. There was little sleep.
Being naïve, I met a few cheaters, and paid a heavy price emotionally. I had never done any physical work in China before. My nails came off during cleaning work. Life was full of tears.

One of the bad experiences, which I never forgot, changed my life.

Once I was moving house from Ashfield to Strathfield. My entire belongings were not much when I think back, one car could fit them all. There was one computer (my most expensive asset at the time); two boxes of books, a big suitcase, a folding bed and some bedding.

When I moved the things into a ground floor unit, I closed the door and went to the shop to get some food. When I returned to the unit, the door was wide open. I walked in, the window was open, I went into the room, and saw all my belongings were gone, except the single folding bed and two boxes of books…

I don’t remember how long I sobbed. After that I repented and thought life should not be like this. I looked through the two boxes of books, and picked up the hand written ones with thread binding from my family. They were feng shui books.

Reading through these books, my mind opened up. I decided to use feng shui to help myself out.

The first thing I did was to leave that bad luck unit, and looked for a suitable place to live. I found an unit on top of a restaurant at Beverly Hills.

The unit was sitting on my Fu Wei (伏位), facing my Sheng Qi (生气) direction. The unit was super dirty and full of rubbish, but it was very cheap. The more important thing was that it got the lucky aspects according to my birthday.

I cleaned the unit, made it spotless. It turned out to be a bright and spacious place. I placed the sleeping and study directions according to my life Gua. I analyzed my Ba Zi, following the life logic (命理), I decorated the place with the elements I needed and auspicious symbols. I lived there for about three years, life turned around.

The negative people and cheaters disappeared from my life very quickly. I met many helpful people, there were more work opportunities. I finished my degree, and was granted Australian citizenship. I saved up some money, invested in shares, and had a great return. I bought my first bachelor home and a new car.

Feng shui rescued my life at that difficult stage. Since then my life has become much more colourful, stronger and full of purpose.