How to upgrade your destiny

Many people know about BaZi analysis. It is Chinese astrology, also called The Four Pillars of Destiny, with analysis based on date of birth, hour of birth, as well as country and place of birth. Perhaps you can examine your own destiny, then control the progress of your life? Many doubt this. If the BaZi is unchangeable, what is the point of prediction? The prediction can only tell results, whereas people are more concerned with how to upgrade life and change luck.

Some masters talk about changing your life. However, from the principal of Chinese astrology, the foundation and journey of each persons life is written at birth, it cannot be changed. Bad cannot be converted to be good, good cannot be undone. But, we can use some techniques to enrich and correct luck, to upgrade and make our life better. However, if life is so easily changed, why is it that great masters do not change their own life, and make millions rather than doing predictions for living?

Through Bazi forecast, and in response to each person’s Bazi, we can make adjustments and remedy destinies, from the aspects of suitable careers and life directions. We also can use some symbols to reduce troubles and disasters.

From Bazi forecast, we can understand the good and bad sides of life, and take control each year to mitigate losses through our own efforts. For example, in recent years many people are interested in shares, thinking it an easy way to make money. However if you are experiencing a robbing money luck year, then if you enter the share market you will be trapped and perhaps made broke. In contrast, someone who understands that their life forecast has no easy money luck will not become involved with speculation, and hence will not lose money.

Also, if someone is going to have good luck but does not know it, they may be promoted, perhaps making millions for their company, but none for themselves. Meanwhile others who have done the Bazi analysis will, at the right time, let go of an admirable job, start their own business and make millions. Same good fortune, the results differ by working for yourself rather than for a company. Hence to upgrade your destiny first you need to understand your life, then take the right actions.