Land Form Feng Shui

Mina Zheng

This is powerful Chinese classical feng shui, based on the twenty four mountains sha shui (e.g. hills, objects, water, roads) arrangement, judging the qi (energy) from the natural environment, and how it affects people’s lives.From ancient land form case studies (by visiting graves in mountains) or modern practise, I have found that most influential people in the political or business world or other areas have auspicious land form formations.

Practically speaking, the land form relates to the environment and plays an important role in evaluating the feng shui of a property. This is because the envionment that surrounds your property is what generates and creates qi. Tapping good qi is what feng shui is all about.

There are many secret formulas for land form feng shui, this part must be left to experienced practitioner.In practise, I have found a common mistake made by many home owners (even those of feng shui consultants).

Here is an example: East Dragon, West Tiger

Most people interested in feng shui know the four celestial animals, which are: Turtle, Phoenix, Dragon and Tiger. The names of these celestial animals are from the form of the planets in the universe.The eastplanet looks like a dragon, the west planet looks like a tiger according to ancient Chinese observation of the universe. The turtle planet is in the North, and the Phoenix planet is in the south.

In ancient China, the formation of the four animals is commonly used to design graves or residences. In China, palaces or houses are mainly facing south(Yang), sitting north(Yin), so people use left, right, front and back rather than use directions. E.g. turtle hills are behind the location, dragon hills are on the left, tiger hills are on the right.

I have also found ‘Left dragon, right tiger’ in some feng shui books. The fact is left dragon, west tiger only applies to a property which facing south, sitting north. For house facing east, west, north, NW, SW, SE, SW, this description is wrong!

The land form on earth should follow the natural law, otherwise, there will be misfortune and disasters.The east dragon side should have a dragon hill, the west tiger side should have a tiger hill, and the tiger hill must be controlled by the dragon hill. In practice, I found many cases with left dragon and right tiger formations, the people have suffered a lot of disharmonies. Once the problem has been found, an experienced practitioner should know what to do.