Three Penalties days in the Tiger Year


Reading the Sunday newspapers, there was some shocking news which drew my attention. A passenger plane crash in Southern India killed 159 people, with 7 people surviving the disaster; Five die in four crashes in seven hours of carnage; A two-year-old boy has died after being hit by a train and killed at a rail crossing northwest of Adelaide…

There are accidents every day, but many tragic events on the same day is not common. As a Chinese feng shui consultant, I noted that Saturday 22nd May 2010 was one of the Three Penalties days in the Tiger year.

From the Chinese ten thousand years calendar, we can find 22nd May 2010 is a day of year of metal tiger, month of metal snake, day of monkey. From Chinese astrology, when the Tiger, Monkey, Snake meet together, they form a Three Penalty Relationship. The Three Penalties refers to the battle among metal, wood and fire, in the three penalty days, crashes, accidents, operations and death are highlighted.

There are more three penalty days in the Tiger Year, here is the list: 3/6/10, 11/08/2010, 23/08/2010, 4/09/2010.

Some people have three penalties on their birthday, when these times meet, the penalty can cause sudden illness, operation, accident, or death.

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