Feng Shui for Yin House

Yin House Feng ShuiFeng shui for yin house is a major component of feng shui. Yin House feng shui means applying feng shui principles to the graves of people who have passed on. In ancient China, “Yin House feng shui” (feng shui for the dead) was more important than “Yang House feng shui” (feng shui for the living).

If the ancestor”s graves have been set up in a good site with good alignment, according to their birthday data and geography, capturing the dragon?s breath, avoiding the strong wind, and obtaining the good energy, then their descendants will experience good luck in multiple forms, including good health, good prosperity, good luck with studies and social status.

If the ancestor”s graves have been affected by bad feng shui, such as: located in a poor site; set up in a bad alignment; flushed by water; destroyed by roots of big trees; constantly exposed to strong wind or scorching sun, or never gaining any sunlight etc. These will result their descendants misfortune, including: poor health; short life; poverty; tragedies etc.

In modern society, Chinese believe that to bury their ancestors in a good feng shui site or memorial park is the last chance to honor their ancestors, and gain protections from the spirits of their ancestors.

Mina Zheng has learned and gained the secrets formula from her feng shui shi fu in China. She recently been commissioned to design a Memorial Park in Sydney, based on Yin House feng shui principles.

If anyone requires feng shui services for people who have passed on, please contact Mina Zheng for a consultation.