Eight Mansions Feng Shui

Mina Zheng

Eight Mansions Feng Shui Sometimes called “Ba-Gua School” or “Compass School Feng Shui”, this application uses a Lo-Pan compass to measure the alignment of a building. On the basis of this measurement, as well as the birth and gender of the building’s inhabitants, the Feng Shui practitioner identifies auspicious and inauspicious “sectors” of a building for each person. By doing this, the best place for each person to work and live may be determined.

The auspicious configuration of the property:
Finding good locations, deflecting negative energies, ensuring balance, and creating harmony are the essential practices of Eight Mansion Feng Shui. These practices allow the energy of people to reach its full potential.

Floor Plan

The classic location according to Feng Shui is one that is supported by the four celestial animals. More specifically, turtle hills are behind the location, dragon hills are on the left (from inside looking out), tiger hills are on the right, with a phoenix hillock at the front. The dragon hills must be slightly higher than the tiger hills, so that the overall configuration looks like an armchair – which is most auspicious! This rule is only applies to properties which are facing south, sitting north.

Below are some examples of inauspicious properties and situations:

  • A property located on a slope that is higher at the front and lower at the back – this may cause the owner’s downfall after middle age.
  • A house located in a triangular shape of land – this may cause fire and quarrels.
  • A straight road directed towards the house – this creates “sha chi” or killing energy, which may cause accidents and sickness.
  • A curved road, which appears to cut the house – this may cause disaster.
  • A sharp corner from another building pointing towards your house – this causes bad energy.
  • A neighbour”s roof line pointing to your house – this causes killing energy.
  • A huge tree growing through the house or in front of the front door – this may cause health problems.
  • A house or building in an “L” shape or “S” shape; this creates missing corners.
  • A house with a room that is never used, or a garden with a corner never attended – this generates “shi chi” or dead energy.
  • A house with a front door and back door in a straight line – may prevent one from becoming rich.