Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui is based on a form of numerology that comes from a legendary tortoise which lived in the Lo River in Central China 6000 years ago. On the back of the tortoise’s shell, a pattern was discovered, and it is this pattern which is the basis of the famous Lo Shu Square which is central to this Feng Shui application. (see the figures above).

The Lo Shu square has nine single digits spread on the nine squares. Each number occupies one sector, and contains a certain meaning. Each sector represents a direction. The magic of the nine squares is that you can add up any three numbers in a straight line in any direction – up, down, across or diagonal, and you always get a total of 15.

Flying star feng shui includes space and time dimensions, their dynamics and changes. It is used to analyze the invisible life force influencing the environment, and the impact upon the people who live there. Flying star requires higher technique and deeper understanding of numerology and elements of feng shui, it is a very potent feng shui method. If the feng shui practitioner uses it correctly and wisely, the benefit of feng shui will be generated promptly. Many feng shui experts use this method to predict events.

Here is a life example:

I have a client, a Mr. Smith (named changed, details used with permission), who looked for feng shui advice urgently at the end of January 2001. He had received a serious complaint concerning his finance consultation firm, it had led to legal action, and was causing big financial losses.

I inspected the business premises. The building was renovated in 1996, in the period of 7. The main door faced to North 2. The building outlook was comfortable and auspicious, there was a taller building behind, a neat garden in the front with green trees on both sides. Looking from inside the building, the tree on the left was taller than the tree on the right, and the dragon and tiger positions were well set. The outlook configuration showed good feng shui. Inside the premises, my client’s office was located in the NW and the meeting /sitting room was located in the East and NE sectors.

Based on the main door orientation and definition of the period, the natal flying star chart for the business premises and time flying star chart of the event occurred can be drawn out, as shown in the figure.

From the natal chart, we can see this premises had a very auspicious front door with the double 7. This means both the water star and the mountain star are most auspicious during the period 7.(The excellent luck from 7 will last till 21st January, 2004) The south sector is equally auspicious with mountain star 6 and water star 8. The main obstacle indicated by the flying star chart is the severe affliction indicated for relationship harmony, the Center and the North East, both locations have the quarrelsome 3/2 combination of small numbers. This means a stubborn fighting killing energy. This causes disputes, arguments, lawsuits, complaints, back stabbing and intense hostility from outsiders towards the residents. But there is also a great deal of money, which hopefully should offer some consolation. Also, the 5/9 combinations in both East and NE grids are very dangerous. In very rare situations this brings great wealth luck, but often it merely causes severe mental and financial afflictions.

My client received a complaint and lawsuit on the date of 24th January, 2001. Looking at the Lo Shu Stars on that date, there was a small number 2 flying into the center, creating a 2/3/2 combination, a small number 3 was flying into NW, creating a 3/2/3 combination, this had seriously doubled up the killing sha (energy) created by the 3/2 combination, causing disputes in business leading to loss and lawsuits! On the same day, a small number 5 was flying in NE sector and a small number 9 was flying in East sector, this also seriously compounded the deadly affliction created by 5/5/9 and 9/5/9 combination, therefore, my client’s office and the sitting room were controlled by the darkness and killing sha chi on that date. No wonder his business was hit by the most unfortunate bad luck.

The immediate solution for this case was:

  • Move the office to the South sector to attack the auspicious 6 mountain star and 8 water star. Use the symbolic Feng Shui method to guard the office and enhance protection. (This premises belonged to east group people, Mr. Smith is a west group, luckily, his birth direction is South, so a South location is good for him.)
  • Keep 2/3 combination area (NW and Center) as quiet as possible, remedy with fire element, and hang a picture of a rising sun or red lantern with light.
  • Use a metal element (wind chimes and a mountain of gold) to combat the deadly afflicting earth element in the sitting room.(NE and East sectors).
  • SE sector is also very auspicious, unfortunately, the toilet is located there, therefore, this requires another remedy: Keep the toilet door shut always, to reactive the location outside the toilet, shine a bright light upward, and hang a picture of a lotus to purify the afflicted energy.
  • The orientation of furniture should be auspicious for Mr. Smith according to his year of birth and gender.
  • Enhance the main door with 7 golden star s(seven angles star), hang a mirror on the left side wall, to visibly enlarge the entrance, to activate the auspicious double 7.


Mr. Smith took a prompt action to apply feng shui to his business premises, and he won the legal case in a month later with a minimum cost. His business continues to prosper.