Today the top story on the news across the nation and the world is “Osama Bin Laden is dead”. The world’s most wanted man, Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, has been killed in an operation conducted by the United States.

Chinese astrology – The Ba Zi system (also called The Four Pillars of Destiny) can explain why the incident occurred in this time.

Osama Bin Laden is male, born on 10/03/1957

The Ba Zi: (八字)       Year       Month        Day        Hour

Heavenly Stem:     丁fire       癸 water         辛 metal     辛 metal

Earthly Branch:     酉 metal     卯 wood        巳 fire       卯 wood

Luck eras: (大运)

1                11                   21              31                41                   51           61

壬 water      辛 metal       庚 metal     己 earth    戊 earth      丁fire          丙fire

寅 wood       丑 earth    子 water    亥 water    戌 earth        酉 metal     申 metal

According to the Ba Zi, Osama bin Laden was born in a year of fire rooster. The day of the heavenly stem is yin metal, therefore, he is a yang metal person. From his birthday, he has three metal elements, two wood elements, two fire elements, and one water element. The Earth element is missing.

Based on Ba Zi theory, the metal element represents himself, siblings, colleagues; three metal elements in his Ba Zi, means he has many people around him.

He was born in the rabbit month and rabbit hour, the element of rabbit is wood, wood symbolized his money. The month pillar also relates to parents. Therefore, from the ba zi, we can see that he was born into a rich family, he has a lot of money in his life.

The fire element is supported by strong wood, fire represents power, status, which means this person enjoys having power.

The earth element represents his education, support, and it is his lucky element.  The earth element is missing from his birthday, however, it appears on the luck eras from 11 to 21 (study period), 31 to 51 (became a terrorist leader, after September 11, he was able to stay safe for almost 10 years.) From 51, he moved into a fire rooster luck.

Osama was born in a fire rooster year, water rabbit month, metal rabbit time. From 51, his luck (fire rooster) clashed against his year pillar, month pillar and time pillar. The ground of his life started moving and became unstable. The good luck was over, he moved into a dangerous era. 2011 is a metal rabbit year, Osama had additional clash from the duke of the year.  He was killed due to his own destiny.