The Ten Gods 十神 is a terminology of Ba Zi, also called Six Relatives六亲(liu qin). It derives from the support, control, destroy and combine relationships among the five basic elements. The Ten Gods focus particularly on personal analysis. The Ten Gods and Deities (stars) analyses are the main parts of my upcoming two day Ba Zi training course in Brisbane on July 23rd and 24th.

This course follows on from my one day Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology) course which ran in Sydney in May

The day one course featured the fundamentals of Ba Zi, including: the history and contents of the Ten Thousand Year calendar, how to plot Ba Zi and luck pillars, how to analyse destiny and case studies.

The two day course will provide a more depth understanding of Ba Zi, focusing on life events and destiny analysis. It includes the Ten Gods and their Nature 十神心性(shi shen xin xing), lucky deities and unlucky deities, how to choose a suitable career, how to determine if a year is lucky or unlucky.

If you are interested in learning these subjects, please visit the website: to register.

Hope to see you in the class.

Yours faithfully,

Mina R Zheng