Here is one of my blog reader’s Ba Zi. He is interested to know if he is a weak water or strong water, his most suitable job and life turning point.

Birth day details: 10th December, 1987 at 8:10am

Here is his Ba Zi:

Year             Month         Day       Hour
偏财    劫财    日主    正财
乾造: 丁Fire  壬water  癸water   丙fire
(male) 卯wood   子water  巳fire    辰earth

From the Ba Zi, the day master is 癸yin water, born in a strong yang water month. Hence, the person is strong in water. Yin water represents rain cloud or mist and is always moving. A person who is strong in yin water is generally hard to pin down and more elusive.

This set of Ba Zi has many lucky stars, including:  太极贵人(tai ji  nobleman), 天乙贵人(tian yi nobleman), 天德(tian de), 驿马(travel horse), 桃花(peach bloosm). If the person masters his life well, he will be very successful after 31.

Luck Erasstarted at nine months, eleven days and 16 hours from the date of 22th Sep. 1988.

十神:枭神  正印  七杀  正官  偏财  正财  食神  伤官
大运:辛亥  庚戌  己酉  戊申  丁未  丙午  乙巳  甲辰
1岁  11岁  21岁  31岁  41岁  51岁  61岁  71岁

The current era is己酉 (Ji you),  it is not the best or most comfortable era. It is a time of discipline and hard work. Avoid thinking too much. Wearing green and red, more outdoor activities will be helpful to balance his life.

The work relates to wood and fire elements and will be good for him.

Suitable jobs: medicine and pharmacy, teaching, entertainment,  film industry and dynamic, challenging types of work.