blog-front-coverMy previous Feng Shui Almanac for 2013 – the Water Snake year has been used by many people. I have received lot of positive response from it. It has provided a good guide for daily activity. Building on this good feedback from my clients, I have now completed the Feng Shui Almanac for 2014.

The book has 108 pages. There are four sections: first is a basic knowledge reference for using the book. The second section is the feng shui almanac, the third is the predictions for the twelve animal signs. The last section outlines the Flying Star of the year and remedies.

The main purpose of the book is to indicate good and bad days for major events – weddings, renovations, moving house etc. No feng shui knowledge is needed. Just look up the day in the Almanac.

It is a good time to have this book, so that you can plan ahead for the upcoming year.

Here is the link to to buy the E-Book or the Printed Book.