In the Chinese feng shui calendar, September is the eighth of the lunar months. The energy of this month changes on the 7th September, then change again on 10th October.

This month has an important festival from Chinese tradition. It is the Moon Festival (中秋节). Moon Festival is on the full moon day of the eighth lunar month of the year. From the normal (solar calendar), this year it is on the 15th September.

The festival is a symbol of family reunion. Chinese and most Asians celebrate the festival by having a family feast and sharing moon cakes.

The flying star (energy pattern) of the month indicates good areas are in the south, north, west and southwest. The negative areas are northwest, east.

For people who pursue love, prosperity, they can use the south and southwest area of their home or office; for academic, creativity, work promotion they can use the west area, for health, fertility, you can use the north area.

The negative star Five Yellow is in the northwest, it is best to leave this area quiet, no digging, banging, don’t disturb the energy.

The sickness star moves to the east, so remove red items. Put some green plants in this area, use the area as little as possible.