About 2017 -The 丁酉 Fire Rooster Year

2017 is a Rooster year. Rooster is the 10th sign of Chinese Zodiac. Why do we call it Fire Rooster? Because based on the Chinese traditional calendar, the heavenly stem of the year is Ding 丁Fire (Ying Fire), the earthly branch of the year is You 酉, referring to Rooster. Therefore 2017 is a Fire Rooster year.

The rooster crowing before sunrise breaks the dawn. The ancient Chinese considered the rooster to have forecasting abilities. Roosters are intelligent and fast thinkers. Fire Rooster is energetic, passionate and anxious. The rooster enjoys good looking things and is artistic. With fire it clashes with metal, so the year ahead could be beautiful, romantic, creative, enjoyable, but also accompanied by frustration.

The Li Chun Ba Zi of the year are: 丁酉(fire, metal), 壬寅(water, wood), 辛酉(metal, metal), 戊子(earth,water). The strong elements for this year are metal and water. Earth, wood and fire elements are weak. For many people this will be a year of change.

In 2017 finance will still be one of the main concerns. People will seek opportunities to make money. It will be a hard working year, however extra wealth will be hard to find. Finances will be up and down.

The industries related to wood and earth will be highlighted. Forest, agriculture, education, publishing, fashion, property and construction will be busy. Mining, gold, and currency will be up and down. The travel and entertainment industry will be busy. Spiritual matters and religions will be a focus.

The ruling number for the year is one. The natural environment, relating to earth and water, will be one of the main concerns. There will be more floods, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Health: this year will see more cases related to blood and nerve blockages. This year there will be more romance going on, more marriages and divorces.

From the global aspect, China is influenced by a positive star along with troubles. Chinese growth will slow down, but will remain positive. Japan, Korea will be more active with their economies, particularly tourism and education. From the west, America will have domestic conflict, anger and violence, this will have a negative impact on their economy . South East Asia is influenced by a good star, and which is good for their economy. It is a good year for them to focus and improve their fundamental infrastructures.

Australia is influenced by a negative star in the rooster year. People need to be more careful with decision making, and watch out for health and safety. There will be less investment from overseas. Finance turnover will be unbalanced and circulation poor. The country should consider basic infrastructure, agriculture and education, to develop inner strength and improve productivity.

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