This year so far has been characterised by fear, shock and panic. The world has become a chaotic drama stage. 

2020 is the year of the Metal Rat. It has been a time of change for every person and for the world. So far we have experienced fire disaster, floods, and the Covid-19 pandemic. By June 12, there have been 7.27 million infections and 413,000 deaths worldwide. The world is under worsening threat from Coronavirus, and the associated economic downturn. There are political conflicts within and between many countries. 

After two months of lockdown the spread of Covid-19 is slowing in Australia, China and other countries. However there are increasing numbers of infections and deaths in many other countries. 

Everything has the three dimensions of luck: heaven, earth and mankind. Heaven relates to the timing, 2020; earth relates to the locations, mankind relates to people. Europe and America are seriously affected by Covid-19. One reason is location. Europe is NW and America is West. Both locations relate to the metal element, which represents the lungs and respiratory system of our bodies. Other reasons are differing human attitudes and efforts toward the pandemic. 

As the world starts to ease Covid-19 restrictions in June, will things improve or become worse during the remainder of the year?

When I look at the Ba Zi pillars of the year and the remaining months, we cannot be optimistic about Covid-19, the economy and everything else.

2020 is a double leap year. The solar calendar has 29 days in Feb. The lunar calendar has a leap month in May (闰四月). In the lunar calendar, this year has 384 days. It is an unusually long year. 

From 5th June 2020 to 22nd July 2020, we are influenced by壬午 (water horse). This is the most dangerous time of the year. The element of Rat is water, the element of horse is fire. Water clashes with fire, it is not a peaceful month. With the water and fire clashing, we can almost smell war. 

In America,  the tragic death of a black man George Floyd on May 25th has triggered American civil strife and international protests for justice and against racism. 

In June there have been floods and more accidents. China is experiencing floods.  Eight provinces are affected, destroying agricultural fields and further damaging the economy. 

There are earthquakes and landslides in some countries, and new Coronavirus outbreaks are occurring.

It’s a very unstable time, people should stay at home avoid unnecessary trips. Airplanes are less safe right now. You may find that cars or electronic goods are breaking down during this time.

From late July, things will become more stable. The epidemic will slow down. Most countries will focus on their domestic recovery and production. Economies will start to flow. 

From August the month pillar is wood over monkey. Monkey and rat are trinity friends. It is a three harmonies month. It is a good time for America, China and other countries to establish new agreements. Arguments will occur about education, natural resources and mining. The trade war between America and China will continue. The domestic and international flights will increase.

September will be a wood rooster month, and things will be more stable. New communication channels will open up to people. People need to wary of new types of online scams. The Coronavirus is not disappearing. 

October will be a fire dog month, where water and fire clashes, and things can turn suddenly. It is not a good month. America may be forced into restructure and change. The epidemic will start to increase.

November will be a fire pig month, a political power month. America, China, Russia, England will all look for support and alliances. The epidemic will increase.

December will be a water rat month. The impact from the year of the rat will doubled in this month. Covid-19 will reach a second peak, with rising death tolls. It will be a bad month for public health, economies and international relationships.

The wave of the December disaster will continue into January. It will be a time for people to repent, retrieve and collect themselves to enter a new year, 2021, the year of Metal Ox. 

(Picture resources: online media)