2021 Lunar new year is fast approching. After experiencing the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, many people wished the year to end soon, and are looking forward to a new beginning.

From the feng shui calendar, the new year will start on the LiChun day which is 3rd Feb,2021 at 22.37pm. The lunar new year celebration will be on the first day of the first lunar month, which is on 12th Feb, 2021. Babies born at midnight 3rd Feb are Ox year babies.

In this post, I’d like to provide some tips for us to channel the New Year energy, in order to have a positive year ahead. As for the upcoming Ox year, the Spring festival is outside the lunar year cycle. Some folk tales say it is a year without spring, so some  may think it is not a lucky year. However this is mere superstition. Instead, here are the things we can do:

1. First, Fresh Beginning: Spring clean your house, and offices, and de-clutter the spaces. Get rid off junk. Clean the windows, to have  clear views. It is a time of change,  and to have a clear vision for future.

2. Catching the Yang Energy: Yang energy is positive energy, it can defend us from negative Qi or negative intentions. On the 4th February, the first day of the Ox year, make time to have a sun bath. You can lay on  green garden or beach, to have the sun shine on your back. The Sun is pure Yang. Make sure you don’t get sunburnt. The best hour to do this is from 7am to 1pm.

3. Eating the Spring: There is a famous Asian food called Spring Roll. You can eat Spring Rolls on the 4th Feb. If you miss out on the sunbath or eating the Spring rolls on 4th Feb. You can make it up on the 12th Feb, the Chinese New Year’s day.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Mina will be making some public appearances:

1. Saturday 30/1/21 10am to 1pm at Chatswood Westfield (Hosted by Westfield)

2. Saturday 6/1/21 10am to 1pm at Chatswood Westfield (Hosted by Westfield)

3. Saturday 13/2/21 2pm to 4pm at Chinese Garden, Darling Harbour (Sponsored by the Government of NSW)

4. Saturday 20/2/21 2pm to 4pm at Chinese Garden, Darling Harbour (Sponsored by the Government of NSW).