2022 is the third year of Covid-19 Pandemic. We have been living with Covid-19 global pandemic for two years. In 2021, the damage control and repairing work from the world was not very successful. The Delta variant has brought the pandemic to a much high level. The wave of virus will continue to 2022. It’s sad to say it may take another year for the world to get over it.

The Chinese astrology of 2022, shows some new lights to the future. However, the efforts of people and countries had made in the past two years were different. The future for people and countries will be different. With the modern technology, like the airplanes, the web of the satellites, fast speed internet, trade, delivery chains, etc. Each part of the world has been tided together more than ever. It’s hard for individual person or country to take off if the rests are not.

2022 is a year of Water Tiger. It will be a year of change for most people.
From the立春 Li Chun Bazi: the year is water over wood (tiger); the month elements are the same as the year, it is water over wood (tiger); the day is earth over water (rat); the hour is wood over wood (tiger).

Tiger is one of the Travel Horses in Chinese Zodiac.
The nature of tiger is brave, straighter forward, born to lead, active, innovation, fearless, fearful, rebellious.
This year the tiger energy is strong, the tiger symbol appeared in three pillars. That indicates the people will no longer be happy for the current lockdown situation. If the governments of the countries are not making any policy changes, there will be mess protests and violence. In tiger year, there will be strong movements. People will make changes and travel no matter what.

From the element aspect: The domineering elements of the tiger year are water and wood.壬Water represents big water, like storm and ocean.
寅 Wood represents big, towering trees. This year, there will be storms and floods, that will destroy trees and lands. Ocean rises and buildings collapse. The year ahead is not looking peaceful.

From the star aspect: the ruling star of the year is 5. Star 5 in current period represents disaster, sickness, death and misfortune.
The covid and new virus will continue to threat people’s life. It’s not good news. We have to prepare for it.

The lucky elements for 2022 are: wood, fire and earth. These elements will bring balance to the excess water.
In reality, they are trees, plants, sunshine, and the earth beneath us. Spend more time to connect with the nature can help us go through the turbulence year.

From the economic aspect: In past two year, most countries have followed America issuing currency (printing notes) to help their countries. This act will continue in 2022. As the result, the inflation will increase. The price of basic consumptions and properties will go up. The very unbalanced elements of the year indicate the potential economic crisis.

2022 is not a good year to speculate finance. The elements of the year will be favorable for medicine, healing, medical workers, police and military force, farming, IT, media, online games, shipping, and online teaching industries . The high technology will continue to move into a new phase. Shares will fluctuate, some of them will sink. However, the wealth element will strong in middle of the year, there will be good opportunities for some investors.

From the health aspect: sickness relates to depression, respiratory system, digestive system and body circulation system.

In general, it is another year for us to focus on our health and wellbeing.
Take the chance to improve yourself. Planning carefully before action.
Look after yourself and family.
Stay safe and be prosperous!

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