From my Feng Shui practice, I often have clients come to me to ask for luck getting pregnant.

Getting pregnant sounds natural for many couples. But there are many people do not agree with this statement. Why is it that many healthy couples cannot have kids?

From the Bazi aspect, both men and women have some symbols indicating problems with fertility. In this article, I will talk about the symbols in female’s Bazi and their luck pillars during the ages for having kids.

Scenario one: 寒命人(Cold Chart) if the person’s Bazi is ‘cold’, for example, if the person is born in November, December or January, with the fire element missing in the Bazi or is harmonized by another element. This type of bazi does not lead easily to  pregnancies. When the luck pillar or the passing year brings fire, it can help the chances of pregnancy.

Scenario two: 食伤克官(Too many intelligent and creative elements)If the person’s Bazi has lot of Hurting Officer(伤官)or Eating God (食神) to destroy her Officer element, this type of chart may be clever, creative and good at getting things done, but it may be not easy to get pregnant. The remedy is to find the wealth element. When the Wealth element comes, it can support the chance to conceive.

Scenario three:  印克食伤 (Too many supporting elements).

If the person’s chart has too many supporting element, the person maybe interested in learning, enjoying thinking, planning. However, the supporting element destroys the creative element. As a result, it is hard to fall pregnant. The remedy for this scenario is to use the wealth element and day master elements to weaken the supporting element.

In the past two decades, I have helped many clients to have babies. The approach is: I analysis their Bazi, to find out what element they need, and I can recommend the timing and also use feng shui set ups for their home. The success rate is very high. The oldest client to have baby was 49 by natural conception and birth.