This year is a water dragon year. Water appears to be a major problem this year. So far the weather in Sydney has certainly shown this.  At the beginning of the year, there were more raining days than dry days, and it wasn’t much of a summer at all. Time has moved to winter now, and it is more rainy and a lot colder.

Today my family and I were all stayed inside the house. It is the Queen’s Birthday, and it is a public holiday. The rain poured down since yesterday afternoon, and has never stopped. We had a late morning, and I had breakfast and coffee in bed to keep warm. My son the 7 year old had done his tasks and was getting bored. Listening to the rain hitting the roof in a single rhythm constantly. I started to feel stagnant and felt like a pig.

This is bad feng shui, I said. We should get out of the house to get some fresh air, go to somewhere dry, bright and full of life. We decided to go to the nearest shopping center – the Broadway shopping centre. Some of the roads were flooded, water splashed everywhere when cars past by. When we got close to the shopping centre, the traffic stopped. The traffic lights turned three times, the cars were not moving. Obviously, there were lot of people with the same ideas as us. We turned to a different entry of the shopping centre, the results were the same. We finally managed to get to the Leichhardt shopping centre.

Feng shui is the art of harmony. It is a harmony of yin and yang; movement and stillness, dark and bright, far and close. It is also a harmony with the weather. On this raining day, when we returned home, we turn on the lights, heater, music to add the yang energy to the house. We had a family card game, and it brought a lot of laughter. We also had homemade martini, our son had a fruit drink, followed by a hot delicious dinner. These have transformed the miserable raining day into a happy day.