My family and I were invitted by one of my clients Tony and Louise to celebrate their second Holy Basil Restaurant opening party.The party was full of people, music, dance, drinks and food, great energy through out the whole place and whole evening.

Feng Shui for business is one of the main services for my practice. Tony and Louis knew me about seven years ago. When I first visited their house, Tony was a mechanic. I drew up his birthday chart, analysed it, and told him that he was in a wrong business. He should be dealing with a business which associates to fire, such as a restaurant. Four years later, I was called in by Tony’s wife Louise to do feng shui for their restaurant at Canley Heights. Tony told me: after last consultation with me, he had spent four years to study to be a chef, and here was his first restaurant. I was astonished to hear this, and admired his courage and perseverance.  The couple are very intelligent and hard working.  The Holy Basil was decorated according to feng shui principles. It has become the most beautiful and popular restaurent in Canley Heights.

The second Holy Basil is in the Sydney CBD, it is inside Shark Hotel, with a very different environment to the first one. When I was at the party, I saw all my suggestions were there. It has good Qi flow, the foods are very delicious.

If you are looking for a nice place to dine, Holy Basil will be your choice.

Here are the address: Shark Hotel, 127 Liverpool St, Sydney; 330 Canley Heights Road, Canley Heights.