by a Chinese Astrologer Mina Zheng

Shane Warne is one of the greatest sport stars in the cricket world.His sudden death has shocked Australian and millions of his fans around the world. I’m one of his fans. Two days ago, when I was driving to visit client, the radio reported that Shane Warne had died of a heart attack in Thailand, age 52. I had to pull over the car to digest the news. I called my husband to confirm what I had heard from the radio. My husband and I are sad for his passing, and our hearts go to his family, in particular to his three children.

I was born and brought up in China. For a long time, I only knew Cricket as a name of an insect. I had no idea about the sport until I met my husband Tony Eyers, who is an Australian, and likes cricket very much. My husband taught me about the game, and we played the game in our backyard sometimes. AfterI learned how to play this game, I started to watch it on TV. We always had cricket TV on, when I was cooking, or nursing our baby. We also went sometimes to watch international matches. Shane Warne was one of the main players of Australian team during that time. We watched Shane Warne, captain Ricky Ponting, and their team mates win many victories. Shane Warne was a great bowler, he was a leg-spin expert, we could count on his accuracy to win the game. Cricket inspired me with great persistence, strength, laser focus, skill, team work and faith.

As a Chinese Astrologer and Feng Shui master, I could not stop myself from checking his birthday, to find some explanation as to why this tragedy happened to him.

He was born on 13/09/1969, birth time unknown. From the Chinese zodiac, he was born in the year of 己酉 (earth rooster), month of 癸酉 (water rooster), on the day of 辛卯 (metal rabbit); from 52 to 62, his luck pillar is 丁卯 (fire rabbit). His day master is Yin Metal, the earthly branch of the year and month are his 祿 (lu, wealth deity). His day pillar is yin metal sit on yin wood. Metal is at an extinct position. Yin wood is his wealth. Rooster and rabbit are the signs of ‘ peach blossoms’. From these information, we can see he has good appearance, and handsome and attractive. He has great wealth and successful. He is romantic.

The earthly branch of his year pillar and month pillar are both roosters. The two pillars formed ‘self penalty’ indicate outside the game he can be hesitant, and create trouble for himself. The rooster from the month pillar clashed with the rabbit from the day pillar, indicating unavoidable romantic scandals and broken marriage.

His chart is missing fire element, indicating a weak heart. From age 52, he started a new life path. This path has yin fire and rabbit wood. From Chinese astrology, rabbit clashes with rooster. In this new decade, he had double clashes. It would have been a very difficult decade for him. 2022 is 壬寅 (water tiger) year, the yang water harmonises the yin fire, took the fire element away. He passed at the beginning of this new decade.

May he rest in peace.