In the previous year, the Covid-19 had hit the earth, caused the global pandemic. It had changed people’s life greatly. The pandemic has killed many people and business. Factories, shops, mining, manufacture, flights, tourists were stopped. The only good thing came from it, is the nature has had a chance to breath and recover from human’s aggressive progression. The outlook for 2021 is not all bright. 

The corona virus is continue spreading and changing. It will be hard for scientists to pin down the virus and develop the right vaccine to against it. That means vaccine won’t be successful. People need to look after themselves and families. Stay safe and stay away from the high risky areas. Following the regulations, and get through this together. 

In 2021, most country and people learned from the experience in 2020, they are entering the repair and recover period. Some countries have locked down earlier in 2020, and will recover early. Like Australia, China, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore etc. will first move into domestic recovery and production. People in America, Europe, India and some other countries need to be extra careful, the virus will continue spreading. The death rate will increase. The boarders of most countries will remain close. 

Ox year is a hard working year for most people. From the Metal Ox year Bazi chart, the five elements are co existing. It provides a fair chance to people to grow. The structure is Earth supports Metal. First half of the year, the energy is draining, second half of the year the energy can rise depends on people’s effort. That means for most hardworking people, things and life will pick up in second half of the year. By the end of the year, we can see the new light for the future.  

From the Bazi, the day master is Yang Water. The day pillar is water above the fire. Based on the Five Element theory, water clashes fire. That indicates some Flood and Drought here and there. Most country need to prepare for the natural disasters.  

The month pillar is Yang Metal above Yang Wood. Metal clashes wood, indicates accident, gun fire. Therefore , this year we need to watch out safety. Work hard to achieve peace, avoid war.  

The  government of main countries will come up with new policies to support their economy. The international relationships will be busy. Due to the supporting relationship between metal and earth, the wealth or the year will be used to support the power of the country and their people. Due to the combined relationship among the four pillars, It is good year for people and country to focus on their domestic growth and consumption.   

The elements of the year will be favorable for IT, banking, shipping, and transportation industries . The high technology will continue to move into a new phase. Shares will fluctuate. However, the wealth element will strong in middle of the year, there will be good opportunities for share investors.   

Property development will be conservative. The property market will not go up in this year. For mid and low price properties will be stable or small drop. Industry relates to shipping, networking, delivery will be flourish.   

Ox is one of the four storages. This year is good for creative type of work. And it is a good year for saving. Small travel (domestic, short distant travel) , Gardening, Art, Creative learning,  Education, publishing, culture development will have good business in this year. 

Work relates to the environment, natural resources, farming will be in demand.  

Tourism, entertainment, hotel business will be difficult in 2021.