For family reasons, I have visited Adelaide many times. Adelaide is a lovely city, a lot smaller than Sydney and Melbourne. Adelaide was planned before it was built. Wide roads and  park lands are the main features of the city. I have often visited Adelaide during the Christmas break, the place I stay in is opposite to a park, and surrounded by colourful roses, it gives me  beautiful impressions and feelings.

In this post, I would like to talk about the Adelaide power poles. I have noted the difference in Adelaide power poles from my first visit.

Instead of wood, Adelaide power poles were made from two pieces of steel with concrete in the middle. The power poles also called Stobie Poles, designed by Mr Stobie many years ago. The poles are very tall and straight, they stand on both sides of a street, and they are every where in Adelaide.

From feng shui practice, the position of power poles related to the house is important. In most scenarios, power poles have Sha Qi (杀气) — Killing energy.  Adelaide power poles have more killing energy than those in other cities.

Recently, one of my clients in Adelaide looked for a house to buy. She has sent a few house plans to me to choose from. Most of the houses are troubled by the power poles, one of the houses has nine poles around it. As we cannot avoid the power poles completely, based on her family’s charts, my advice to her is to avoid houses with power poles in certain positions, including the front of the house, NE, SW and NW of the house.