A reporter from the Sun Herald asked me about the feng shui for a few suburbs in NSW. The issue was that suburbs like Hurstville, Eastwood, Chatswood have many Asians, the property prices are up, developers like to build more apartments in these suburbs. She asked me: do these suburbs have good feng shui?

My answer was: Asians do not live in these suburbs for feng shui reasons. These suburbs have large Asian communities, Asian grocery shops, restaurants, schools, easy transportation. Non English speaking people can live there easily. Grandparents with no English can take care of their grandkids, and have their community.

In Australia, feng shui is often neither a first nor  ever a concern for many people. However feng shui, as an energy  formed by the environment, affects everyone no matter what. Quite often, when people have problems, or wish to improve  their situation, they look into feng shui.

Quite often Asians settle in a suburb with an Asian community to begin with, then when their situation improves they may move to somewhere with better feng shui. As an Asian myself, I have done this.