My feng shui odyssey has been busy lately, just came back with a load of new feng shui information and exciting adventures from China, I hurried to Melbourne for the international feng shui Australian chapter annual conferences.

At the conference, I met many masters and colleagues. The master presenters were wonderful, there were: Stephen Skinner, Khor Tong Nee, Jerry King, Jin Peh, Nicole Biljsma, TylerJ. Rowe. The two day seminar was filled with excellent feng shui and ba zi knowlege, as well as good food.

Master Khor Tong Nee is an expert of Astro Palmistry, I was lucky to have a session with him, it was the most detailed palm reading I have ever had. It was full of suprises.

Big thanks for the IFSA president Janene Laird, and all the commitee members and the people behind the scenes (in particular the wonderful IT guy) who have put a lot of time and energy to put such a great event together. Most feng shui practitioners are loners, and it is so great to be together, and to share experiences. I am looking forward to the next IFSA event.

(Left: Mina with master Khor)