Time is flying, 2022 is disappearing quick. We are already in August. This month is worth mentioning, because this is a broken month of the year, it is one of the worst months in 2022. Based on the Chinese Feng Shui Calendar, August is the 7th month of the Water Tiger year. It starts on August 7th and ends on September 6th.

This month is 戊申 (earth monkey-metal), 2022 is a year of 壬寅 (water tiger-wood). Earth clashes with water, metal clashes with wood. Heavenly stem and earthly branch are double clashing. It indicates frustration and disasters. From the flying stars, the month stars and the yearly stars are falling into same directions, as a results, it will double up the good and bad energy.

In Chinese tradition, the 7th month is also the month for the spirits. The gate of the hell is open, and all the ghosts are set free for a month. It is the month to honourr your ancestors.

Under the influence of such energy, this month the war will get worse, maybe a new war will break out. The pandemic will continue to spread and threaten people’s health. New health issues with relate to stomach and blood in this month. Some parts of the earth will have natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis.

We all need to be very careful in this month. Be careful driving. Avoid making rushed decision. Focus on yourself and family. It is a month for us to lay low, and pray for our ancestors, to have good beliefs and to be faithful. Avoid disturbing the SW, Center and East area of your home. No digging or playing loud music in these areas. You can spend more time in the North, NW, NE and SE areas of your home.