I have been involved in Chinese metaphysics for all my life (more than 40 years) and have been a feng shui professional  for more than a decade. Many people have asked me to teach this subject in the past,  I felt I was not ready.

Ancient Chinese saying: 十年一剑 (shi nian yi jian), meaning it takes ten years to train a sword. With over ten years practising and researching, I have accumulated a rich resource, and I am  now ready to teach this subject.

I founded Feng Shui Academy recently. Together with my colleague Jane Dempster-Smith, we will teach you step by step, lead you into this authentic, ancient Chinese art, to explore your destiny, enrich your mind, restore balance,  harmony and prosperity to your life.

The first course will be held on Sunday 22 May 2011 at North Sydney Community Centre. I will be teaching Ba Zi — The Fundamentals of Chinese Astrology. This introductory Ba Zi course teaches key concepts needed to understand human destiny. This course is the foundation for learning other branches of Chinese metaphysics, including Zhou Yi (周易) prediction and feng shui.

If you are interested in learning these subjects, please visit the website: www.fengshuiacademy.org to register.

Hope to see you in the class.

Yours faithfully,

Mina R Zheng