Emma Watson is a young actress, she became a big movie star through acting as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. From Chinese Astrology – BaZi analysis, it is not hard to find the reasons that fund  her talent, beauty and prosperity.

She was born in Paris on April 15, 1990, 6pm. I converted the birth time to Chinese time, and recorded her BaZi from the Chinese calendar – the 干支(gan zhi) system. Here are the details:

Year            Month           Day           Hour

天干Heavenly Stem    庚 metal      庚 metal      辛 metal     戊 earth

地支Earthly Branch    午 f ire          辰 earth     亥 water       子 water

Emma was born in the year of the horse. The element representing herself is yin 辛metal. 辛 metal symbolizes fine jewellery, It is shiny, sparkling and glamorous.

The influential deities in Emma Watson’s BaZi are:

天乙贵人(tian yi gui ren)– This deity is regarded as one of the most powerful Noble Men in BaZi.

It refers to helpful people, success and lucky escape from danger. You can find this star in her year pillar. The天乙贵人(tian yi gui ren) is same as正官(zheng guan) – Boss, Husband in her BaZi, which means a male figure is very helpful in her life.

伤官(shang guan)– Hurting Officer, this star represents  skills , performance and fame. It is very important star to ensure Emma to be a good actress. However, this star often causes trouble to a female’s marriage.

食神(si shen) – The Eating God . This star relates to intelligence and performance. It also represents good fortune with eating, and opportunities for easy prosperity. Such as:  received good fortune with no much effect.

正财(zheng cai)– Money Star, representing conventional income.

偏财 (pian cai), Prosperity Star: unstable income, but big when the time is right. This star can be found in the day and month pillars. This is a favorite star for Emma Watson’s BaZi.

劫财(jie cai)- Robbing Money Star indicates loss of some of her possessions.

正印(zheng yin): Star of authority. This star rules the aspect of education, and interest in knowledge.

Emma Watson started her luck at about three years old:

3              13           23        33……

己 earth  戊 earth      丁fire          丙fire

卯 wood     寅 wood       丑 earth    子 water

From three to twenty three, she is experiencing great support and great prosperity luck. With all the influential deities above, it is not surprising that she has been very successful at such a young age.