Over the past years I have consulted in many houses and apartments, obviously I have visited many bedrooms.  There have been large, small, modern, old, clean, cluttered, all kinds of bed rooms. From a feng shui point of view, there are some common rules for bedrooms which I’d like to talk about here.

People spend an average of eight hours a day in their bedrooms – it is an important room in the house. The feng shui of the bedroom affects the health, emotional state, quality of relationships and fertility of the people who sleep there.

In contrast to other rooms, the bedroom is meant purely for rest and renewal. Therefore, it is essentially a yin room. For this reason, an ideal bedroom is quiet, with adequate light, good air circulation, a square or rectangular shape, a simple floor plan and a neutral color scheme.

The bedroom should not have too many doors or windows. Some bedrooms in big housesI have visited have seven 气口 (Qi access, refers to doors and windows). There are the door to the bedroom, door to the ensuite, door to the dressing room, door to the balcony, door to the baby room, two large windows. The room often looks grand, however, it is not 聚气,(accumulating the energy). This will result in poor energy circulation, and can cause insomnia and stress to the ocupants.

An ideal window provides light from the side, and is not directly next to the bed. For the average room, one window is sufficient.

The bedroom ceiling should be standard height, not too high, not too low. Too high or too low ceilings can cause  unbalanced Qi, and may cause nightmares or depression.

The bedroom ceiling should be flat, avoid any exposed beams crossing the bed.

The bed should not be too low or too high above the floor.

The bed head should be against a solid wall.

Mirrors are best placed where they can be used by choice and not in direct view from the bed or doorway.

The ensuite and closet should be as far from the bed as possible.

Avoid large pictures, they overwelm the bedroom.

Decorate the bedroom as simply as possible.

Avoid any clutter, let go of anything you don’t need.

The direction of the bed, the room direction and many other factors (including individual birth dates) significantly affect bed room feng shui. However these details are best investigated by a feng shui professional.