ChristmasGreetingMy son always reminds me about Christmas. It is interesting to see how excited he is and how much he looks forward to the Christmas celebration. When he was six years old, he directed me to a shop to buy a Christmas tree. Since becoming a mother, I have learned that Christmas is not only a holiday festival, but also a great family celebration!

I was born and brought up in China. When I was young, there were no Christmas celebration in China. We had a little celebration for the new year, instead we geared up for the big celebration for the traditional Chinese New Year. Even now in China, Christmas is not a big thing. Only big department stores in big cities put up Christmas trees to promote Christmas sales.

Different countries has different culture. Having been  in Australia for so many years, I really love Christmas now.

Christmas is a time to take a good break, it is a time for family, kids, friends and yourself. It is a time to clear your mind from stress. Christmas is not only for children, it is for everyone.

Wish you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hope to see you happier and healthier in the New Year.