I was invited to a baroque concert at Christ Church Lavender Bay in Sydney last Sunday.

The church is located on the  lower north shore, and has  a stunning harbour view. The church was built from sandstone with beautiful arch windows, a high ceiling dome, and many religous scenes.

I believe the church was built without any Chinese Feng shui input. However feng shui is about the qi flow, which exists everywhere. As a feng shui practitioner, I  observe this for every place I visit.

In the  big hall of the church, when I was sitting among the audience waiting for the baroque band to start, I was thinking it would be good if there was more yang energy in the church.

When the concert began, the beautiful music filled up the hall immediately. The sound from the singer, harpsichord, cello, flute, recorder, and violin produced a dramatic musical effect, it added the yang energy to the church, and the feng shui was perfect during the performance.

A church is a spiritual place, most of the time it has more yin energy, the qi is negative. Only when it in service, and when the chuch has many people, the yin and yang achieve balance, then the feng shui is positive.