campingThis post is about Feng Shui and Camping. I’m camping now, hence this post. The fact is I’ve rarely had experience with camping. I camped once twenty years ago, and thought it was terrible.

Here is my camping story: Every year in mid April  is the school holidays in NSW and the Easter Holiday in Western countries. Most family have plans for their kids. This year our plan for holiday is different to previous years.

The main difference is that we have adopted a dog recently. The dog’s name is Bella, six years old, mid size, she is a German Shepard and Fox Terrier Cross. She has quickly become part of our family, and now features in holiday planning.

Taking advice from friends, we decided to take a road trip with whole family to the South Coast NSW and camp in one of the caravan parks. To avoid the Easter holiday traffic jam, we drove down to the South Coast on Tuesday.

Camping has not been my choice in the past, however, this is a year of change for me, and I am willing for it. We drove five hours from Sydney to Batemans Bay, stayed at a beach house for a night, and on the second day we moved to the River Breeze Caravan Park at Moruya.

We got a camping site at the water front, it is a corner block.  I observed the environment, the site has a good aspect and bad aspects from a feng shui perspective. The site is at a T junction. A road points to the site from North, water is in the South and SW. The West side is a boat access, the East side is a small unit, with owners living there.

Camping is a nature activitiy, in the camp, we are more close to the earth, it is good. In particular, camp in a peaceful surrounding, on the side of the mountain and water and away from the city noise it  has  very good feng shui to start with.

Feng shui for camping is not much different to feng shui for houses.The difference is that camping is for the short term and a house is for the longer term. Therefore the feng shui concern is less for camping. The main thing is to orientate the camp to face water, to avoid facing south directory, because the Grand Duke is in the South and Three Killings are in the North in the current year. Sitting on the Three Killings, and Confronting the Grand Duke is the first thing to avoid. Therefore, I arranged the tent to face SW. To create a protection from the North T junction, we parked our car in between the road and our camp. We have beautiful water view from the entry and inside the tent. Bella sleeps in the porch of the tent. With the good feng shui set up, we are all happy.

This is one of the most characteristic and interesting holidays we have ever had.