Feng Shui is about the qi(energy) flow, the qi is formed by the natural environment. How a property receives and chanels the qi affects the lives of the people who reside in the property. A good feng shui house may bring good fortune to the people living there, and a bad feng shui house may cause a variety of issues for the residents. However feng shui is never a direct cause of divorce.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art, originally used by ancient Chinese emporers and rich men to enhance their wealth, health, social status, and abundant descendants. There were no texts in any classic books relating to divorce. The fact was if you were rich in old days, you could have more than one wife and concubines.

In modern society women are as important as men. A man can only have one wife at a time. Divorce is caused by different reasons:  finance trouble, lack of communication, neglect, health troubles, emotional troubles.

I was called in to do a feng shui audit for a house at Strathfield NSW last week. Previous owners of the house were divorced, and my clients were concerned about the feng shui.  After the assessment, I found the house has better feng shui than many houses I have visited. The fact is my clients have been there for more than a year, and they are doing well. After the consultation, they are more confident and have more control with the house and life.