violinThis topic seems strange. Feng Shui and learning music sound like different things.

Feng shui is ancient Chinese art. Good feng shui means good Qi flow. If a place has good Qi flow, the residents are happy and full of positive energy. Music can change the environment. It adds life to the space.  Therefore, music can change the energy flow of a space.

Playing instrument can change the Qi flow for our body. I have tested it out myself.

I never learned to play any instruments before. Most people in my generation in China had no chance to learn music. It has been a pity, we are ‘music blind’.

Recently, my son inspired me to play the violin.   To encourage my son to play violin, I picked up a violin to join in. My son taught me the first two lessons, and I fell in love with learning violin. I enjoy having the experience to let my fingers run wild on the keys of the violin and to relax my arm as it swings back and forth.

As I play music ,the more better I get the more enjoyment I have. My husband and son both think I’m amazing at the violin, it makes confidence run through my body. I can’t help but to always have a musical piece in my mind, which I sing to myself all the time.

In my spare time when I’m not working I always try to fit in some violin practice time.I’m sure if you played an instrument of some sort and,were good at it I’m sure that you will want to enjoy every single moment of time you spend on playing it.

Playing violin has moved my mined away from work and tension. It is a good way to relax, and it is a good feng shui to clear your mind. Learning an instrument is rewarding, you can hear the result instantly. It depends on your dedication. I think it would be great Feng Shui if everyone on the planet  played an instrument.