Christmas and New Year are the biggest festival holidays in western countries.

Every year from late October, we start to see the Christmas decorations in shopping arcades and streets. In early December, many houses also put up Christmas decorations. The Christmas colours quickly spread through the cities and the whole country. The Christmas lights tingle at night, telling us that another year has passed, and the new year is coming.

The colours of Christmas are green, red, gold, white, blue. These colours relate to wood, fire, metal, and water elements.  The boxes of presents symbolise the earth element. The colours of Christmas decorations match the feng shui elements. Wood supports fire; fire supports earth; earth supports metal; metal supports wood. These productive elements add a lot of harmony and happy vibrations to the environment.

Every year, during the festival time, no matter rich or poor, religious or non religious, the wonderful colours of Christmas help people to celebrate.