One of the hot topics this year is  the erotic trilogy fiction Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker, Freed by  British author Erika Leonard James.  You can see these books almost everywhere from book shops and department stores, and you can see people reading the books on public transport.

Some people asked me:  why these erotic books are so popular, they have sold more than ten million copies, the sakes are ranked number one, Harry Potter number two.

I read the books, and found them extremely graphic. The story was quite simple, most authors could make the story into one book, and I would prefer that way.

However, as a feng shui professional, I know things happened for reasons.  E L James was born in 1963, that was a year of rabbit. Rabbit is one of the romantic symbols in Chinese astrology, so there is no surprise that she wrote romantic stories. The books were completed in 2012 the year of water dragon in period eight.  Period eight is current period from feng shui time dimension. The symbol of period eight is mountain.  Mountain represents stillness, young man, earth and hidden energy.  Water dragon is a year of change, rocking and revolution. The hidden, and dark side of human and things are coming to surface.

The main character of Fifty Shades is a young man, and the books demonstrate his hidden, dark sides. It is a good timing. Most people never read so many erotic scenes in their lives, and it could be a reason that so many people read it. No matter what the books are like, with a good timing, the Fifty Shades has achieved great success.