TimeTime is our most precious resource.  We  often hear   ‘time goes too fast’ in conversations. The fact is, time doesn’t go any faster than it should. The speed of time is constant. It moves from seconds to minutes, from minutes to hours, from hours to days, from days to months, from months to years, from one year to another . We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Why do we often think that time goes too fast? It is because we are trying to accomplish too many things at a time, our crowded lifestyles make us feel there is no time for anything. How we manage our time makes a difference to our life.

Feng shui is about energy flows in the place which relates to you. Time management is the input from you. If you improve the feng shui in your working and living spaces, time management can be improved easily. Assume we all sleep 8 hours, work 8 hours, and have 8 hours free time per day. Making this 8 hours more productive and meaningful and enjoyable can make time more valuable to you.

Here are some feng shui tips to help you improve your time management:

1. Use your spare time to clean up the house and office, remove the clutter, and put everything in good order. This will provide a clean platform for you to do things.

2. Put some green plants or flowers in your living room and office. It brings fresh growth energy to your place.

3. Hang a clock on a wall. It reminds you about the time.

4. Look into your life, sort out the priorities, and set time aside for them.

5. After you have done the things you have to do, you can then develop your interests. Set up a goal, and spend certain time per day to achieve it. There is no need to overly ambitious. If you try to do many things in a short time, it will not be as efficient as just doing one thing.  Saying or feeling ‘time goes too fast’ does not move us to anywhere.

Above all, make sure you have enough time to rest. There are always bright days ahead.